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"Wash-of-sound" version
Hi everyone! Longtime fan, first time posting here.

After listening to fine mixes of "Cruising the Ice" others had posted, I felt missing was some extra edge to fully contrast the track's inherently beautiful dynamics and mood.

My attention was on emphasizing the overall blending, varying instrument balances, and accentuating/effecting the guitars a bit more aggressively, particularly during the outro.

As some have mentioned, this song certainly requires a complete sit-through to fully appreciate so I hope this version is interesting. Tongue


.mp3    MCO_Cruising The Ice_Studio ROM_M2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.5 MB)

Sounds great. I like how you brought the heavy distorted guitars to the front. Although I did miss hearing some of those beautiful cello lows a bit. It all blends together nicely. Great job.
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