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Colton Benjamin - 21 grams mix
Hi all,
I just finished the mix and was wondering if anyone wants to listen.
I think it's quite good and clean, nothing too fancy.

.mp3    21 grams.mp3 --  (Download: 8.85 MB)

Hi, I listened to your song. I will immediately say that this will be a strict criticism, as in many mixes the same picture is observed. to start.

the first drums they are louder than the mix, louder vocals. they should be much quieter, I really could not make out even as guitars.

the second moment is a problem not only for you but also for others - to plant a bass drum and bass at the same frequencies. The mix is ​​just manifested in the middle. and the center of the middle is one void. there is definitely a need to raise the bass higher. and one more remark that I notice from absolutely many people - the bass drum sounds deadly. in my headphones it sounds like an ax being hit on the head. Unequivocally there was a discomfort. do not make such bass drum!

Ok, thanks for your comments/advice
I will check them out

I did a quick couple of listenings on my monitors and here's what I've got:

Overheads a little too loud and on the harsh side, could carve some hi mids and let the higher end come through.
Nice work with the main voice, some sibilants poke out. Kick and snare a little too present as well, maybe a little dry.
The guitar seems a little stuck in the middle with no space for itself, maybe pan it out of the way? Nice work on the solo guitar though.
The mix sounds really clean and open, seems you went for it so this is mostly a taste issue, but I feel it would benefit from a bit more warmth and glue. The drums and organ definitely feel a little too upfront and present.
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