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Colton Benjamin - Sail Away
Hi all,

after years of knowing this fantastic source of material to practice with, I only now realized there were forums to discuss mixes and have a real evaluation from other persons, since the easiest flaw is becoming complacent with their mix.

So, here we go! I still have to check the mix on smaller speakers, but in both my monitors and both pair of headphones it seems to do the job!
Hope to hear back from you

.mp3    Colton Benjamin_3.mp3 --  (Download: 9.47 MB)

Hey dude! sounds great to me.
would you tell me what you did to get that sound for the trumpets?
they sound so clear!
To be honest, there is just some light compression with a waves dbx-160 and a light S1 imager to spread them just a bit more.

Sometimes little is best!
Love the overall balance and vibe.
However the whole mix sounds little bit too warm and muddy to me.
Maybe reduce the 200-400Hz area to clean it up.There's also a bit undefined low end.
But vocals sit really nicely and that's the thing i couldn't achieve in this track.
Great Job!!
Beautiful mix, Konda.
The end is a bit hard, isn't it?
mixing with linux system .