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Vics Mix
Looking for feedback Smile

ML1 was used to get this up to a normal listening level... The mix in my DAW is at aprox -6db.

After listening to the original a few times and some of the other mixes I decided on what I hoped to accomplish in this mix.

1: It seems like most people are shying away from that big rumbling kick and trying to make it disappear. I feel like that Kick is really important and wanted find a way to make it function in the mix. I ended up using DRT to generate midi and then enhanced the kick with another that had a tighter sound with more beater. I know that it's big and a little rumbling but I think it is reasonable contained.

2: the mixes I heard so far really treat the song as though the instruments are very individual. I feel like the whole vibe of the song is a smoothly rocking arms wrapped around you kind of thing. As such I used some tricks to spread the accordion and clarinet out without making them sound wet.

I wanted the voice to sit well in the mix and have a feeling of space without having long sounding reverb tails. I think I got that.

Let me know what you think, even if you hate it Tongue

.mp3    If You Say_James May_VicsMix_01.mp3 --  (Download: 7.92 MB)

I like the warmth and mellowness of the vision you've got going here, and I like the depth perspectives you're playing with, but I have to confess to scratching my head a bit about some of the choices you've made. It's the kick drum that most puzzles me. It's quite an odd sound you've created there, not only because it's extremely resonant, but it also seems to have a pitched element in the capacious sustain tail that clashes with the song's harmonies. I'm as keen on creative moves as the next man, but I think you lose more than you gain with this particular one.

The way some of the drums are very dry also seems incongruous, because that puts them right up front, when the vocal is quite a long way back -- it's almost like you've got the rhythm section at the front of the stage and everyone behind them. The entry of the tambourine at 1:16 is particularly surprising in that respect, because it's rather loud as well as dry as a bone, so it's like someone stuffing it right up your nose as a listener! (That would be, like, really painful... I think I have to stop thinking about that. It's not a nice image...) Smile

Hope some of this makes sense!