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Woodfire: "Haunted House" -mix Tommy Marcinek

Angels with a haunting type song? Hmmmmm, works for me!! LOL! On a serious note, I choose what I want to mix very carefully. The song has to be interesting and say something to me. I have to say to myself "I really want to mix this one." Sooooooooooo, mix this one I did. :-)

The song has lots of space and getting it to sound more rich and full was a challenge without adding any instrumentation (a no-no) or sound-replacing. So, nothing was added or sound-replaced on this. I used what was provided. The quality of the tracks was really good, I thought. The drum tracks were really nice! Well, I hope you like my mix. I wanted the drums to be kinda punchy with a prominent kick and I wanted the vocal to be up front and not overly effected. I did not feel there was any need or reason to pitch shift the fit the song just the way it is. In fact, the vocal was one of the things that caught my ear and its dissonance here and there makes it quite interesting and totally fits the lyrics, the song style, and the instrumentation.

Comments are always welcomed.....

Later everyone.....


.mp3    HauntedHouse_4_M.mp3 --  (Download: 8.62 MB) - Tommy Marcinek
Hello Tom, in my opinion your mix concept is nice. In order to improve it I could say to check the "pulse" frequencies of snare and kick, 80 - 220 Hz, I hear this zone several dBs softer then others and It seems to make the mix a bit acid