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## MR 9x19 ## alright *** master version ***
mastered and tone aligned with 4 others :

- gimme

- Angelsaint

- better


base of -12LUFS for the average to not over saturate but keep relative strong wall of sound effect.

alignment of low frequencies.

.mp3    alright.mp3 --  (Download: 6.59 MB)

Hey there!
  • The flanger/phaser effect on the vocals is quite (like, quite) irritating.
  • IMHO there’s too much processing in general on the vocals. Too much reverb, too much eq/distortion, too much flanger, too much panning.
  • The rest of the instruments sound fine… I miss the strings in the last chorus. They’re there but quite low.
Keep it up!
Most mixes done in Reaper or Bitwig on a MacBook Pro using Sony MDR-7506 headphones and some hifi system with old Saba speakers in a small-ish untreated room. If I commented on your mix, please check the board for my mix and reciprocate. :) Thank you!