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Patrick Talbot Fool Timmy C - Mix
Great song! Check it out and feel free to give me feedback.
Listen the guitar-solo ! You can hear some classical Rock-phrases.
Smoke on the water from Purple, Satisfaction from the Rolling Stones...

.mp3    FoolBordon.mp3 --  (Download: 7.85 MB)

Got to agree, it's a wonderful song!
Listening with headphones on, I really like your approach here, it's dynamic, exciting and well arranged. A pleasure to listen to. I didn't feel the need to be too critical whist listening which is a good thing. Maybe a little more smack and punch with the snare through out perhaps would suit my ears more and help with the percussive drive of the song, just a thought, otherwise very enjoyable. Well Done.

Hi Dave !

Thanks for Feedback. Yes, a little bit more power for the snare.