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Woodfire: 'Haunted House'
Woodfire: 'Haunted House'

.mp3    Woodfire.mp3 --  (Download: 8.68 MB)

Things I remember using in this mix:

Neve 1081 Eq and Neve 2254 Bus Compressor on drums
Black Box for Drums saturation
CLA76 Bluey and Slate VariMu tandem for Lead vocals compression
Slate Tape for lead vocals
Vertigo VS2 Master Compressor
Bx digital v3 Master eq
dbx160 for Bass compression
Meta Flanger and Brauer motion for guitars effect
Eventide Room2016 for ambience
Altiverb Chamber preset for vocals in chorus parts.
Audiothing Outerspace tape delay

a lot of things, I should confess I suffer from G.A.S. (Gear Accumulation Syndrome)Blush

Sounds great! The intro vocals could lose some high frequencies, as they sound brighter than the actual main vocals. When the band kicks in, the effect isn't as powerful as the vocals seem to take few steps back. The rest of the song sounds full and coherent, with nice automation here and there. I'm a fan of heavily processed sound, especially when it's done right like you've done. Good mixing!
Guitars sound good ,nice work not sure about vox fx