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Woodfire: "Haunted House" Crownoise mix
Hey guys this is my take on this song, fun mix and i liked it Smile tell me what you think please Smile.

.mp3    haunted house.mp3 --  (Download: 8.97 MB)

Hi crownoise, really impressed with the punch and power you got in the drums! Are you using parallel compression there plus some distortion? I love it! Is like a punch in the face when they enter into the arrangement. Also the choice of a small room for the vocals make it punk and claustrophobic, very well suited for the song.
Hey Javier, thanksalot this is something i was aiming for. I am using this as compressor
Its good for finding sweetspot , also his old version of compressor in conjunction with that. Also, i use drumleveler by soundradix before compression to even out the peaks and bring out the attack instead of having to use gates, really handy actually. Ofcourse there is some eq going on aswell, and yes there is layers of distortion. I like distortion a tiny bit before compression and also a bit after to get some analog punch. I also like to clip the kick and snare a tiny bit with airwindows clip7 after soundradix and before the compressors to not make the compressor accentuate to much of the fastest transients and also to even out the signal if i have to much of the transients and this will get me more perceived volume. I use different types of distortion for different projects but i have lately liked the new tubes series by slate, i also like a couple of neve emulations. So a kick channel might look something like this:

warm subtle dist , the more sustained sort that is a bit more clipping
punchy dist but subtle again
nc17 (or clip7)
small reverb
more punch dist sat if needed after compressor-tone if i lost some punch (this can come after the last eq also if i felt i needed to eq into dist for specific freq.)
eq nevestyle

Also a good thing to keep in mind when mixing is phase, i often use goodhertz panpot plugin on the room and overheadmics and try to use the phase to get more punch in kick and snare-mics, also the delay-slider is super which leaves some volume for the kick and snare and removing some masking.
masterchain is different sometimes, but i often swap compressors for example change the norm old comp version into logical4 by airwindows, its good, or maybe his varimu. But when mastering i first adress the lowend, i like to have 1 or 2 plugs to mono the bass, i often feel that after some plugins that give some depth and with you loose some of the mono bass so doing that 2 times is often good and will make it easier to not crank the bass to much because the bass often centers to the kick and snare instead.