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Juliet's Rescue: 'Heartbeats'
New mix

.mp3    Heart beats mp3.mp3 --  (Download: 10 MB)

verse parts sound good maybe a little over compression on the vocal
but during the chorus when the acoustic kit comes in it really slams on the compressor maybe try less on the compression.
but other than that it is a well eq'd mix
Cheers for having a listen
I agree with the compression comment. You can hear it dulling up the guitars. In the periods where it starts to release, you can listen to the 2kHz+ coming back a bit.

I think on "Fast track" you can actually afford to bring your delays up. Kinda like the ethereal sort of vibe they're trying to create.

At the climax, I think your compression/limiting is off. It loses punch during the build up. Also, at the end, the vocal is cutting off abruptly. That's a factor of how the tracks were trimmed before upload but it nevertheless needs to be corrected. Some have to be pasted in from elsewhere but a carefully positioned clip fade can cure others.
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I liked the nice, clean and open tonality, and the vocal sits really nicely in the mix in the EDM sections. However, the overall tonality and loudness changes suddenly when moving into the chorus. There seems to be some cloudiness that swamps the vocal and causes it to get lost in the mix. Scooping out 1 dB at about 300 Hz made a big difference, to my ears.

I really liked the overall attitude of the mix, the EDM sections are more in-your-face, bringing them closer to the rock sections, rather than the other way around. But there's still a good contrast between the two different styles.
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Cheers guys i will have another mix at some point