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Dead Roses my mix

I didn't succed much with the vocals and ,spaceyness, of the track as a whole but I did try...Smile

By the way Wniebelski has got nice mix of this song in here.


.mp3    Dead Roses mix 2.mp3 --  (Download: 9.61 MB)

Well you say you didn't succeed but I think you created a great sounding open mix here.
hey Sano,

thanks a lot for your support word. I appreciated it. cheers mate. check out the wbenielski I think this guy is called.he's got a nice mix.

cheers mate
take care
I think the kick could be a bit louder and the bass is a tad muddy
I cut off some 100 Hz of the kick for the bass. It seems like it maybe a bit too much. I think whole bottom end is a bit muddy :-) . Maybe I'm trying to play it safe :-) and didn't want to loose the weight of the track. I find it difficult to find a right place for each instrument to shine. How do you treat it? There is prominently the kick, bass, acoustic guitar&piano, vocals, snare ( it's high pitch so...) and electric guitar in that region in that order. I can't get my head around how to make it sweet...:-)
what to look out for. how much shelving, and so on and on... I wish I could master it one day ;-))))

Thanks for the comments Takka
Very nice mix.The bass have some pretty annoying peeks at 150 hz bat is overall great!Smile
hey gopener. 150?! cool, I'll look into that. thanks mate