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Dry Clean Only: 'Iron Sheik'
Nice to meet you guys!
Mixing is always fun!
I would like a lot of advice !!!

.mp3    Iron Sheik - Dry Clean Only Mastering2.mp3 --  (Download: 5.37 MB)

man the mix is huge but and i like it but the low end will not work on evry speaker system and also it seams to "rumble" in the low end so i think ther some components that have lowend but thay dont need it and mess it up
Hey,nice clarity in the top end of your mix.

As noted above, there is a big full low end, but it could do with a little tightening up to stop it from becoming boomy. A car speaker system check usually shows that up.

I'm also hearing a little bit of what sounds like distortion happening on some of the kick drum hits - maybe just a bit too much low end hitting the final limiter.
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