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Jeffrey Hayat: 'Alex The Adventurer'
Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting a mix here, though I've been mixing songs on CMT for a few months! This was a fairly quick mix for me- done in my room in about 2.5 hours. Because I don't know how well I can trust my room, I bounced back and forth between there and headphones to get a better idea of what was happening in the track. Boy, was this an exercise in restraint! There were multiple tracks where I liked the dry signal better than my EQed one, so I just had to let them be.

Overall, I added some hall reverb and delay to make everything sound like it was in the same room and bussed the brass, woodwind, percussion, and string sections together for a dB or two of compression. The busses, other than helping with automation, had a little MetaFlanger mixed in at 6-8% to create a less sampled feel.

All the instruments sounded pretty good, just a little automation and EQ here and there to make them pop a little bit more... Surprisingly, I thought some of the instruments were panned a little too far out, so I brought the solo sections into the center a little more for a more cohesive image.

On the master buss is a little GW Mix Centric for balance, Virtual Tape Machine, New York Tube Saturater, and Air EQ from Eiosis/Slate, Ozone 7 Elements for their limiting, and a final limiter which isn't doing anything but preventing any possible clipping.

I'd love any and all feedback you got, thanks!

.mp3    Alex the Adventurer.mp3 --  (Download: 2.29 MB)