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Triviul: Alright? andres_g mix
Hi guys, this is my mix of alright? of triviul, it was a challenge to organize the different voices at the end, and give a little character to the bass, I need to work more in it but I think it sounds good,it Has a bit of "mastering" work, an a pro L to to raise the volume, any question about the process or suggestion of The mix will be greatly appreciated.

.mp3    alright andres G mix.mp3 --  (Download: 8.37 MB)

I enjoyed this mix very much. I am pretty new to mixing, so I guess I don’t have golden ears yet, but I cannot find much to address! The balance sounds very good to me, I can hear everything well and I enjoy the vibe a lot.

If anything, maybe the bass is mixed a little too loud. But I am not sure. I mostly get that feeling in the first verse, but the arrangement is so sparse there so that might be the reason the bass seems to not blend well with the track. When the chorus comes in, it feels good!

Great work.