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just registered as a new user, must say i'm having a great time playing with this EPIC track, i'll put my effort up here shortly, in the meantime i'm downloading all current mixes for a comparison, thanks to Scott for making this available.
cheers guys
andy k
ok, heres my effort, go easy with me guys, I spent a few hours yesterday going through it, theres a lot to go through, i've only really tried to get an overall balance and done panning and eq to try and get everything in its place-glorious track to work on.
I've put all the previous mixes with mine in Audacity-to allow some A-B of tracks and its really interesting to see how they compare, my only question really-is could we identify our mixes clearer, so constructive criticism is welcome, and advice can be taken on board.
Such an epic track to work with, and a lot of extremes to make work, i'll definitely be playing with it for a long time, the only tracks not used are the DI guitars which I will be having enormous fun with at a later date.
cheers guys
andy k

.mp3    Aeternum vale-Andy k 1.mp3 --  (Download: 16.38 MB)

Since its coming up to the first anniversary of my effort, I'm going to have another go, and will not make the same stupid mistake I made with my first attempt, its not an extended mix, its a bad fade at the end.
I'm getting into Reaper now, so its interesting for me to see if i can improve on my first Pro tools effort.
keep em peeled.
andy k
hi! i think your first version sound already very good. you could bring out the snare, or to be more precise give it a bit more crack/presence (magneto/decapitator). but other than that for me it sounds very solid. keep it up! ^_^
OK, Anniversary Mix,
done in Reaper DAW, with stock plugins plus TDR NOVA on master bus.
I set it all out roughly last night on laptop speakers, and completed it this morning on Iloud monitors, no headphones this time.
Ran it through Loudness penalty analyser, (online and invaluable)
and these are the readings--
Aeternum reaper.mp3

this is how much it would be turned down-in dB, on all the online services, not sure how to interpret this information yet-they send a full report , but well worth doing if anybody wants to do anything online these days--loudness wars are over.
Its a heavy mix, and if I was going to get experimental with it I would edit out a section in the middle, as it seems to drag for me, and also I would use automation to radically break up the arrangement, but this time i kept it simple, to respect the effort that went into the recording.
let me know what Y'all think.

.mp3    Aeternum reaper.mp3 --  (Download: 14.12 MB)