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Our love is here to stay - Marce's mix
Here's my mix of this beautiful song.
I hear a noice in the piano track I couldn't remove or filter. It can be the sustain pedal or some mechanical movement. Not sure what it is. I've struggled with EQ and I couldn't identify the frequency. It is magnified by the effects I chose for it. Angry
Anyway, any comments are welcome.

.mp3    OurLoveIsHereToStay.mp3 --  (Download: 6.38 MB)

Marce Morales
Very Nice Marce.

It's a lovely track to work with. I do remember the noise issue with the piano and like yourself just thought it was the pedal mechanism. I'm wondering if it would be beneficial if you can soften the piano around the vocal upper mid frequencies. 2k-4k area I'm guessing. Even a gentle shelf or low pass filter may work. I think this may help the piano accompany the main vocal part in a more reinforcing musical way without it being distractive in anyway. If that make sense.

Well done,

Thanks for your comments, Dave ! I will take your advice.
Marce Morales