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Barbers' valhalla hall
I mixed this piece back in 2015 because I liked a lot the unity of this quartet but never posted it. Meanwhile I calibrated my new speakers with Acourate room correction (DRC) and found out I mixed it little bit bright, so I corrected this.

The most difficult part for me was to make the bass more full without letting it get boomsy or loose unity. I did not reach my target. Also, there are some problems with pops that would need more correction (I used Wave Arts Dialog for this, but not strong enough).

For the first time, I used "Valhalla hall" although I prefer convolution hall, but for this piece, it brings a nice atmosphere for me, and the plugin is really easy to set.

Plugins I also used: Fabfilter Pro Q2 as EQ (I love it, the most powerful EQ I ever used with great usability), SPL Vitalizer for better definition and assertiveness of voices, FabFilter Pro DS Deesser, for 1&2 Novaltech Vocal enhancer, for 1 (Bass) also a Multiband-Compressor (FabFilter Pro-MB), for the sumn a few compression with FabFilter Pro-C.

Edit: after I heard some of your mixes, I decided to place bass not on right side, but middle-left because this is more logical concerning the bass melodic lines, he is the most important voice in this song. Also, I reduced hall a little bit - seemed to bee too much in the first version.

.mp3    barbershop_dimitris_ypsilio_2.mp3 --  (Download: 4.19 MB)

I hope this sounds not as I'm associated with the programmers of these plugins. I'm just so enthousiastic about them ...