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Into My Dream dB Mix
Hello !!

First i've to say i love this song, the ambiance.
Thanks to the band to share the song.
When I downloaded the song there was no contest ,It's above all the fact of mixing a title of more than 15 min who interested me.

Lot of fun and time to have something "listenable" .
I think my version is not bad, but it would take longer to have something really perfect.
I think it would also be necessary that I trig the battery (to mix it with the original battery ; like 70% original drum and 30% trig), a lot of bleed for me on the take .
DI gtr would be interesting too to make some experiment.

All your critic are welcome !!
Have a good day and good listening session

Edit: New version with the missing acoustic guitar Wink

Edit 2 : a new V3 Version Wink

Edit 3 : V4 with automation

.mp3    Perpetual escape Into My Dream V2 dBfeenix.mp3 --  (Download: 32.19 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual escape Into My Dream V3 dBfeenix.mp3 --  (Download: 32.2 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual escape Into My Dream V4 dBfeenix.mp3 --  (Download: 32.2 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual escape Into My Dream v5 dBfeenix.mp3 --  (Download: 32.2 MB)

F..k up i was listening to other mix and i say to myself : "i ear an acoustic guitar ????" during my import this acoustic gtr disappear !!! so i go to work again on the song !!!

(12-07-2017, 06:36 PM)dbfeenix Wrote: F..k up i was [....]

Hah. I uploaded a version too without the acoustic guitar. Dragged all the files to Logic session but the acoustic guitar track had not been imported. Realized it after referencing the other mixes and the original.

Some remarks considering your mix. The area between 2-3k feels a bit too strong. Master eq can probably take care of that. The drums have a nice punchy feel, although you could perhaps ease the drum / mix bus compression a bit. The bass feels good, and also the overall balance has a right feel in general. There's very little frequency overlap between the elements. Perhaps you've constrained their frequency bandwidths too much? Maybe soak them with little more reverbs or use some other 'frog DNA' method to fill in the gaps, or ease the filtering and work the levels. This being said, I still think it's a very good mix. It's consistent from start to finish, and has very much general 'goodness' and it has personal signature. I especially enjoyed your drum sound in the sparse sections of the arrangement. Keep up the good work! ^_^
Haha i feel less alone for the acoustic guitar Wink

I know i've some problem in the 2-3k area ..... it's between gtr and voice... i like to play with the overload of my summing desk but for this mix i didn't find the right among of overload for the moment ... i would try something different if i've the time ... this kind of song need some extrafeelmagic mix ; would be nice for me to try to trig a little the drum to have more space for the rest of the mix .
Thank's for your review !!

like your ideas with effects ,the bass could be just a touch upfront could be some mid bass frequencies competing for space with the electrics and bass just some minor eq tweeks to find some more subtle separation ,some more punch and attack on the drums would sound awesome.
Good work !

Cheers Big Grin

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Thanks thedon for your comment.
I did a new version, some change on drum punch and attack was in my mind before your comment.
After that my balance is a little bad for me, i need some automation on the song to have something more fluid between all the part i think
I agree with the bass being too prominent. Initially, it also seemed to lack low end. That came up quite a bit a little later on but at the start, it was distinctly light weight.

Decent overall, though.
Old West Audio
New Version , i did the automation for the song :
6 group : drum, bass , gtr , vx , bkv , synth .
I did the automation on 2 pass , to make the song moving and follow all the parts, not an easy thing on a 17min song.... need to listen back tomorrow Wink

Nice work here dB, love the drum tone. Some very creative use of effects on vocals esp. The low end is solid but I think the bass only needs to be felt on this track, not heard(except in a section or 2).

Hey ! I'm Perpetual Escape's drummer and original mix engineer. Thank you for mixing Into My Dreams Smile

Here's my feedback:

- Drums: the general tone of the drums are very nice. Maybe the hats are a bit aggressive and a bit loud ? I usually prefer having the hats quite behind the snare, but it's more a matter of taste.
The main issue on the drums is the compression: wayyyy too much. The drums are pumping a lot. Also, they sound in the very back, a lot behind the guitars. It's not a problem having the guitars in the front like you did, but drums and guitars sound quite disconnected.
The snare has a lot of impact, but lacks some depth and envelope. Don't hesitate to use samples to enhance it and make it sound more modern.

- Bass: it works well with the drums and the guitars. I really love distorted bass like we often hear in modern rock/metal productions. If it can works here and the heaviest part of the song, it's probably too much on the intro and in part 3 with the acoustic guitar.

- Guitars: you placed them in front and it's fine for this tune. However, as I said before, you should be careful that they are not too disconnected from the other instruments. On the other side, some guitar leads are too much behind (first solo, second part) while they really should be in front.
I like the tone you achieved in this mix, although they might be a little brighter. You have tried some cool FX on the guitars which works in this song. I really like the soft and long delay you put on the acoustic guitar.
In part 4 (prog part), the tone of the guitars is quite mid rangy. It works pretty well in the rest of the song, but I'd rather hear heavier guitars here, more aggressive and with more lows.
I really like how the harmonic guitars sits with the lead.

- Keys: they sit well in the mix, without being too much obvious, which is what the song needs. They sometimes are louder, like in the Pink Floyd's Great Gig In The Sky part but it works very well.

- Vocals: my main concern here is the volume balance through the whole song. They sometimes sit very well in the mix, sometimes are way too loud, sometimes too much behind the instruments. For example, in that same Pink Floyd like part (end of part 3), while the lead vocals should be upfront to make us feel the pain of the child, it's pretty much behind the instruments, almost as far as the backing vocals are.
I really like the FX on the second verse. It emphasize the weird burlesque side of this part.
One last thing on vocals: I can hear some aggressive sibilance on both male and female tracks. So don't hesitate to have a heavy hand on your deesser Wink

I hope you had fun with these tracks Smile I'm looking forward to hearing your revised mix !

Florian - Perpetual Escape