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"Oil" Chris93 Mix
Here it is, I started this one ages ago and forgot about it, I've had another look at again in the past few days.

I just did the siren effect for fun really, it might actually work though.

Plenty of Deathcore on the lead vocal. Smile

EDIT: I've just noticed that this sounds much better at low volumes and falls apart any louder.


.mp3    Oil Chris93 Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 6.09 MB)

You've given this a great kind of Strokes vibe I like which really appeals to me, as much as it's far from 'natural'. One quick technical note -- there's some serious subsonics under your mix that no-one's going to hear and it just flapping my subwoofer around for no reason. Not sure which track it is, but you could do worse than high-pass most things on any small-studio multitrack you get, pretty much as a matter of course, to nix that kind of stuff -- it'll only cause you distortion or loudness-processing issues further down the line.

In terms of balance, I'm willing to be convinced by what you've done, with a few possible exceptions. The kick could maybe be a bit more prominent -- it feels a bit understated, partly by virtue of the LDC mic used to capture it, no doubt. The second thing I wonder is whether you might automate or mult the prechoruses and choruses to make them match the verse sound better. As it is, the verses feel meatier than everything else, which doesn't really work for me.

Nice delay spin on the 'whoa!' vocals too. I like that a lot -- almost like a police siren, which is somehow feels appropriate too. Thanks for posting -- an interesting take on this multitrack for me!