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Roots of Mankind (pmilani)
Loving the song Smile
here is my take on it, cheers
would love some feedback from @Mandubien

.m4a    PerpetualEscape_RootsOfMankind-mix1.m4a --  (Download: 14.11 MB)

And here I am :p

Wow that bass is.... Wow :p I like the distortion you put on it, but it has wayyyyyy too much subs. It's very disturbing when listening cause I mainly hear a huge "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" in the subs. The other problem with the bass is that it masks the kick subs. You should decide which one you want above the other and use some subtractive EQ and low-cut filtering to make them work together.

Otherwise I really like my snare drum Smile And usually it's not the case lol. Nice vocals, they sit well in the mix, as well as the guitars. The panning you've chosen is pretty wise. It opens the mix in this way.

So great job !
Ehh so true!! I listened on my 5.1 system and I was surprised it was that much sub (actual words were more like.. WTF). I don't have a sub in mixing hence the judgement mistake!
I made a new version with a few sonic changes and I think now it kinda rocks!

.m4a    PerpetualEscape_RootsOfMankind-mix2.m4a --  (Download: 14.05 MB)