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About This Multitrack
You can find the multitrack files for this project in the 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library.

Before posting a mix, please read The Three Commandments!
Please post your mix as a new thread, rather than as a reply to this sticky.

Here's some more project info you might find useful:
  • About The Raw Multitracks: The drums were programmed in Cubase SL3 and Reason, and are presented as a pair of drum loops and separate hi-hat and tambourine tracks. The bass and eight electric guitar parts were all tracked through Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2, and there's a single miked acoustic guitar part which sounds like it was overcompressed during recording. The gorgeous-sounding lead vocal (as well as 12 tracks of backing vocals) was captured with a Rode K2 going through SPL's Goldmike preamp and Dynamax compressor.
  • Challenges You're Likely To Face:
    • The drums will probably take a bit of work to get sounding good, not least because the loops aren't separated out as individual sounds -- if you want that kind of control, then you'll have to chops things up yourself.
    • The guitar and backing-vocal arrangements are both a little bit scattershot, so you'll probably need to do some editing to make sense of the mix's long-term dynamics.
    • The bass part is quite noisy, and the LF/MF balance may not be as consistent as you want.

If you have any other general questions about this multitrack, just reply to this post and I'll see what I can do.