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Perpetual Escape: 'Sin Six' - JoteF mix
My mix of Perpetual Escape: "Sin Six".
I like this song very much!

.mp3    Sin Six.mp3 --  (Download: 8.09 MB)

Here's my gut reactions to the mix.

It feels pretty good. There are some things that jump out at me.

It feels a bass guitar heavy and the mix feels a little over compressed. There are sections when it works but at the chorus I want it to open up and breathe more and the bass and compression weighs it down.

There are times when the bottom snare feels too loud and the then the snare feels a little weak.

I like the edit/mutes you did to focus on that one riff. I think it's before the second chorus.

I hear some weird cymbal leakage. Especially near the end I'm guessing there is some edits/mutes or gate on the toms and some cymbal leakage after that. I could be wrong. Just a guess.

Overall things feel pretty good I think you can tweak the low end of the bass and mic compression and let the song grow some more and let it get bigger where it needs to.

I think that was it. It was just a one pass listen.

A good start. Hope that helps.
Thank you very much for your, I have to admit, very accurate comments.
It has great value for me.