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Sin Six V1 - Need opinions
OK cool, we are getting there Smile
Thanks for your time and tips guys !
Hey guys !

So I went back to my mix and followed your tips !
Took some time apart and I pulled my mix in a mastering session.
I did two passes and decided the second one was better.
So here it is, I think I like it like that.

I also wanted to say, Mandubien, your mix was my reference and I hadn't said it yet but man, that's a fucking good mix !! Wink

.mp3    Perpatual Escape - Sin Six 2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.07 MB)

Hey !

Thanks for your compliment Smile
You achieved a very good mix ! Snare may be a little loud and in front of the vocals but hey ! I'm a drummer and I like it :p
Maybe some little boost at 200 Hz in the snare to enhance its body ?

Great job !