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Hiding in the trippy forest
File: "Joanna Ward - Away - JELmaster.mp3"
Date: 20170406

This might sound like a shameless self-promo or plug, but I actually used a VST-plugin of my own design ( )
I started from the 'classical' preset and then adjusted various things to taste.

I was actually thinking about movie-soundtracks while mastering this song (or tune or track of you prefer) and aimed for a rather spacious/voluptuous sound without wanting it to become too roomy or having it drown in reverb.

I didn't do any EQ'ing, except a low-frequency cut-off (just to kill the stage-presence really... the non-musical rumble)

I did a few other tricks, that have worked well for me over the years, too Smile

I thought the original was very boxed in, almost claustrophobic. Maybe that was intentional, perhaps they were going for a small intimate chamber-sound or something, I don't know, but I wanted the song to be bigger and more adventurous. Not just some instrument-voices all falling over each other in the center of the sound-box, but instruments playing with each other and being all over the place (as if tinkerbell was teasing an elephant in some disney-classic Smile You know; light and heavy in playful (sometime cheerful, sometimes laidback, sometimes even a bit dark and esoteric) confusion)

Fun song to work with. Very avant-garde I feel. Definitely not my usual element, so a HUGE apology to Joanna Ward if she hates it Smile

(catch me on FB if I forget to check back in here: , or on twitter: )

.mp3    Joanna Ward - Away - JELmaster.mp3 --  (Download: 11.51 MB)