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Black Crown - Headphone mix
*11.03.2017 Update*
*12.03.2017 Update*
*16.03.2017 disimprovement*

.mp3    Black Crown.mp3 --  (Download: 12.75 MB)

*-._.-[ Long live the 90s ]-._.-*
Quite well balanced roomy mix, snare could be fuller and roomier with less average sounding reverb (like in this old school rock song, sorry for low bitrate, better version on spotify).
Why are vocals so whiny nowadays?
Gonna completely revise the drums and guitars.
I like whiny voices. Smile

The song reminded me of these guys

But I never use any reference tracks to adapt EQ or anything.
*-._.-[ Long live the 90s ]-._.-*
What's up gurke?

Pretty solid mix, but a few points that stick out to me.

The drum room mics are pretty hot in your mix. I think you could benefit from bringing them down (or maybe crushing them with a compressor to get a really overdriven drum tone). The hi-hats and the crash ride are your two biggest offenders, imo.

The vox could come up a bit too, but not as much as I think, probably, as when you address the drum room mics, I think they will be a little more prominent.

Keep working, and don't be frustrated if you keep mixing a song and it gets worse (as your disimprovement comment connotes) as these songs will hone your chops, and help you identify troubling issues in later songs. I have a thread on here where I mixed a song, conservatively, thirteen times, and am still nowhere happy with what I have (maybe I should address this white whale again).

Anyhoo, good swing, and try to see if instruments/effects/specific frequencies are covering other portions of an instrument.