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'HTKAC - Oil' (need some suggestions)
Hi, guys. I mixed and faux mastered this yesterday.

I tried mixing it to pink noise and I'm medium happy with the results.

I think the right combination would be to mix half to a reference track and half to pink noise.

I'm open for any suggestions.

Thanks guys!

Adrian Loera

.mp3    HTKAC - OIL (MASTER) V.2.mp3 --  (Download: 6.14 MB)

Hi, Adrian. Sounds like true live session :) Nice but maybe dry a bit. Bass is amazing, vocals a bit drown. Guitars are sitting well. Drums good, but something should be done with the snare: sounds too untreated. But overal nice, especially if you wanted to create live garage sound. Then maybe only vocals need a little nail.

And yes, I think mixing to pink noise/reference is good thing too, but only if each instrument is in the right place in all senses.