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Perpetual Escape - Sin Six
Maybe it's a bit midrangy, but my ears are too tired to go on. I'll give it a couple of days and see if I add a little more excitement after a break. Maybe some more saturation or distortion. I like a clean and tight mix, but maybe it's a little too clean Smile

.mp3    Perpetual Escape - Sin Six.mp3 --  (Download: 8.34 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual Escape - Sin Six V2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.34 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual Escape - Sin Six V3.mp3 --  (Download: 8.34 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual Escape - Sin Six V4.mp3 --  (Download: 8.34 MB)

.mp3    Perpetual Escape - Sin Six V5.mp3 --  (Download: 8.34 MB)

Hi there !

With a midrangy mix, the guitars are placed the most in front compared to the other instruments. Unfortunately the overall sound lacks punch and clarity. I think you should try to more separate the tones of each track to give space and clarity. For example, vocals are masked by the guitars.
Thank you Mandubien for the feedback. First, the rhythm guitars were the source of a lot my my unwanted mids, so those got scooped. Since I switched to mixing to my super bright AKG cans, I wasn't adding enough highs, so the mix got a lot more highs (I hope not too much). Then I backed off a bunch of compression and added in a lot more saturation, especially on drums and vocals. That really seems to have restored the dynamics missing from version 1.

Edit: I did overshoot the high end on V2, so I reuploaded with a bit less.
So I've finally had my ah-ha moment after well over a year of crappy mixes. After doing the first two versions in a vacuum, I finally started doing A-B comparisons between my mix and AC/DC's Back in Black album. I put Softube Saturation Knob on the 2 bus and the more I cranked it, the closer it sounded to AC/DC! I finally just mimicked the rest of the balance from the album and Bam!, I'm happy with the mix!
Hey !

I like the last version ! Sounds balanced, even if vocals are too loud for my taste. It still sound very midrangy, but very balance still.

Very good job !
Because I can't seem to leave this song alone, here's version 4. I messed with almost everything. A little more automation and some different reverb. Mandubien, I didn't read your comment until right now, but it looks like I managed to fix the two problems you noticed. Thanks for the feedback!
Uploaded version 5. This is the last one, I swear!