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Sin Six ~ Perpetual Escape ~ tgraph mix
fun one. thanks for the material to play with.

I cut over 1/2 the guitar tracks out.

running @ -14dB and a peak of -1

edit to add: I'm getting my ass kicked in a loudness war... hahaha

I've added a second mix.. I went back and added some comp across the guitars and paralleled some of the drums and then tried to EQ & balance things again.
still @ -14dB

added a 3rd mix to incorporate TheDon's suggestions

yet another mix... vox up. drums up. smashed a bit.

.mp3    28 Sin Six.mp3 --  (Download: 8.22 MB)

.mp3    Sin Six 2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.11 MB)

.mp3    Sin Six 3.mp3 --  (Download: 8.11 MB)

.mp3    Sin Six 4.mp3 --  (Download: 8.24 MB)

Mixing is way more art and soul than science. ~ E.K.
Hi Tom,
Listening to sin six 2 good thing I don't take part in the loudness war lol .
The shaker in the verse sounds too upfront ,I'm hearing one thing I also had is the bass overpowering the overall clarity of the mix which could be 150-200 where I had to tame a lot to leave some space.
Just a couple of little adjustments and then crank up the master limiter.

Cheers Big Grin

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Hi ! I'm PE's drummer and original mix engineer.

I think you should start from scratch. Your mix sound totally disconnected and unbalanced. The vocals are totally buried behind the instruments and drowned in the reverb, the guitars are too much in front and take all our attention...

The best way to start right is to spend a lot of time only with faders and pan. Make sure the last chorus is well balanced only using those two tools. Only then you can tweak things to add punch, clarity, separation...

Keep it up !
Thanks for the input. I think I'll leave my mix as is. You post a multitrack with something like 30 guitar tracks, more than half of which I discarded right away, and then you say I'm over emphasizing the guitars...

Anyway, I pushed the guitars up front on purpose.

I pushed the bass way up on purpose.

It's not a mix you approve of. I get it. Luckily you didn't pay me for it.

Again. thanks for the comment.
Mixing is way more art and soul than science. ~ E.K.
Well, in any genre of music, the most important tracks are vocals... We used many mics to record the guitars to have options. You don't have to use them all.

The main reason I don't approve your mix is the overall balance. Just for example, the shaker during the verses is the loudest track I can hear. Shakers are not meant to be in front. Sometimes we use them just as FX to add a little something.

Of course you can emphasize the guitars and bass if you believe this is what the song needs. But in any case, the vocals should be in front of anything else.

I've gone back and tried some things...

Mixing is way more art and soul than science. ~ E.K.