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M.W.A.P. Broken Man Mix

this is my mix! What do you think? Smile

.mp3    Speak Softly - Broken Man.mp3 --  (Download: 9.4 MB)

Sounds great to me. Nice work!
To mix or not to mix ... mix!
Thank you! Smile
only one word comes to my mind: awesome!!!
Thank you too! Smile
Very good mix,could it be done better by Dave Pensado?i dont think so myself he would just use his ideas.
There comes a point where this is the case i think and he is known so its got to better right?
I heard a thing where they was raving about J JOSH mix big girls dont cry and how stunning it it?
Great job well done
very nice sounding mix ,i like what you done with the vocal at the end Big Grin !

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