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coltonbenjamin_sail away_
Here's my mix. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Confused

.mp3    coltonbenjamin_sail away_.mp3 --  (Download: 9.69 MB)

Mr Alfie:

Thank you for submitting your mix. You got a real punchy sound in the drums. I like it and also the level ratio between the horns and the rhythm tracks is pleasing and well balanced. I hear some phasing issues and levels in your lead vocals. Did you bring up the double take? If you did it may be phasing each other. The other thing I will like to do if this will be my mix, its automate the lead vocals a little to fill some gaps. Piano -3db and that is all. The rest its about your taste and preferences. Good job and keep on mixing!
Your mix sounds pretty good to me, you have to improve the vocals part Smile
Fantastic job
(31-01-2017, 01:28 PM)mr_alfie Wrote: Here's my mix. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Confused


I really thought your mix was nice.....very clear and overall nice balance. I agree with other comments that the lead vocal needs some work. I noticed that most of us left out the duped lead vocal part. It sounds like you left it in but at a lower volume. I tried experimenting with that but abandoned it when it started sounding like phasing issues. The main vocal track provided it well recorded....needs the usual stuff plus automation, etc. I liked the piano also. Nice work overall. Keep em' coming!

Tom - Tommy Marcinek