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TMR- Perpetual Escape - Roots of Mankind
Hi All

This is the point in my mix process where I would send the mix to the client for his or her input.

As always your comments are more the welcome


.mp3    Z-TMR-Perpetual-Escape-mix.mp3 --  (Download: 13.15 MB)

if a man speaks his mind and there's no woman around to hear he still wrong?
Hey man ! I'm the client :p I'm PE's drummer and original mix engineer.

First thing I noticed, is the lack of control of the low ends. You have too much of them, and they sound distorted.
Lead vocals sound a bit agressive, probably too much presence (2-4 kHz).
Some tracks sound a bit loud for my taste (tambourine for example) but that's just my ears.

I think the cymbals will sound a bit agressive once the low end will be corrected. You can try some deessing to calm them down.

Keep it up Smile