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A really cool track from such a young band. Although described as Prog Metal, i felt it had a little "old school" Punk/hardcore feel to it. When i first heard the vocal line, Kieth Morris of Circle Jerks came to mind (Wonderful album) so i treated the vocal in a similar manner. I felt the vocal could be more aggressive, maybe some shouts/screams.
- I replaced all the drums and split the overheads into mono tracks and flipped the rights phase. Blended in the cymbal track. The HH track only became useful in filling in some middle noise. I didnt go
into the tons of time correction but fixed up a handfull of the most noticable sections.
- I used AmpliTube on the bass DI, Ampeg SVT Classic i believe, and distorted in parallel. It took lots of bending and stretching and cutting and grinding to get it decent. Filled in a few gaps where there should
have been notes played.
- Guitars were crazy. I took out 1 mic from each side, the ones you can hear the most room in. Alot of playing with EQ. I used Studio One 3's Console Shaper on the guitar bus and interestingly, pushing the
Crosstalk feature to 75% corrected a small bit of phasing and made it more stable. There were a few gaps in the guitar where he forgot what to play, a simple copy of the same part in another section filled those in.
Thanks for uploading this track!

.mp3    Painted Skies - Piers.mp3 --  (Download: 11.19 MB)

a pain in the but to fix but You did a good job for what is worth.. we can't fix all of it.

I do believe your bass needs more low energy just to make things punchier.
You could use a bit more reverb on those guitars and drums... but you manage to make them sound in a way that is not fatiguing so good job.

As for the vocal there is something that is bugging me.. i'm not sure what it is.. sounds like he recorded in a box and you hear it in the distance.. not sure..

but hey you took a go on this song and that a lone is great.. it's a really hard song to mix.