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Colour Me Red - Mixed by Danny T. @Blue Sky Studio
Here's my mix. Please leave some feedback. I would really like to know how I did. After all the craziness of this song. And the vocals for some reason took me forever and didn't want to sit in the mix. Anyway let me know what you think

.mp3    Diesel 13 - Colour Me Red Final Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 3.1 MB)

Here's what I hear:
- The drums feel a little artificial. It sounds like some samples are mixed in there and they kind of take away from the dynamics of the parts. The kick especially feels a little loud and distracting. Maybe just reducing some of its click would push it back. Right now it's really in your face.
- The vocals are ok. Maybe a little loud but I always felt this song could take loud lead vocals. It does feel pretty dry and that might be what's making it not sit well. Some reverb or delay might put it in a space and connect it more with the band.
- The chorus fill guitars could come up.
- Overall the mix is compressed and could breath a little. It's a good sounding compression but it tames the mix. Maybe if that compression was applied just to a rhythm guitar bus it would have that tightness on the groove without effecting the rest of the band.

It's sounding good. I think the song needs to be a little more loose and free. Right now it's too safe. I know that's a little vague.
I agree with The previous comment, the voice seems to be loud.
But my main concern would be the bass , looks like there is too much of low mids competiting in that mix, comming especially from the bass.

But the instrumental balance is good and works well, would need a bit more dynamic

Keep going, sounds good
Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback. Time to go back and hit the DAW again. I'll post a new mix asap.