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Diesel 13 - Colour Me Red [mix by Dani]
Hi guys, this my version of this song. What do you think? Feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

.mp3    Diesel13_ColourMeRed-02.mp3 --  (Download: 7.67 MB)

I like the tonal balance of things, I think with some volume/pan automation you could really improve the clarity of the mix. I can't put my finger on it, but the mix in the mid frequencies seems a bit muddy.
There's something very "out of phase" and washy going on. I suspect there's a lot of reverb and stereo widening going on. Especially on the guitars. Nothing feels like it has a solid point in the stereo image. Besides maybe the bass and toms. It's a little disorienting. It makes it hard to comment on anything else really.
RoyMatthews, thanks for your feedback. There is some reverb here, but small amount. All reverb returns are EQed and do not sound washy at all. So there is maybe problem with stereo widening like you mentioned. I will check phase issues.