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Nice group. Thanks

.mp3    Fergessen.mp3 --  (Download: 6.16 MB)

Listening on headphones ,Nice solid mix sounds great ,love the punchy drums.
I haven't tried this one yet but find your mix inspiring to give it a try !
The only minor thing i can hear is maybe taming some resonating frequencies i can hear with the bass around 197hz area and a ding sound on the snare around 273 hz with a narrow q parametric eq would sound awesome.

well done Big Grin

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Have to agree with Don, listening with headphones it sounds great. A raw organic tribal sound that drives nicely.

My only real issue is with the vocals. I'm not sure of the multi's and what you have to work with, but it sounds like there is a dominant main vocal trying to break through and take control but is being lost to the other vocal parts that are pushing. This comment is based on purely what I'm hearing and I think some focus in this area would be beneficial to the song.

Sounds like an interesting track to work with.

Well Done
Nice mix, sounds really good. I like your approach with the Rhodes. Cymbals are a bit harsh for my taste, but that's just me Smile