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Colour Me Red by Diesel13
My mix of "Colour Me Red" by Diesel13

.m4a    Colour Me Red - Diesel13.m4a --  (Download: 7.73 MB)

Hi ALRmic,
Cool version,I like the big drums and huge kick ,can hear some loose ambient low and upper bass frequencies clouding up the mix especially on the kick and snare (100-200 hz area ),not sure if it is from the room track of reverb.
Rolling off the loose low frequencies on the kick 30-40 hz and reducing some reverb or room below 200hz may help the drums sound tighter and punchier and cleaner overall sound.
The lead and background vocals sound great maybe could come up a touch more.
May be best to get a second opinion as listening only on a mono behritone and hd600 headphones.

Cheers Big Grin

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Hi "thedon" - thanks for listening, I really appreciate the very specific observations and suggestions!