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U T Gandhi - Arto
That was an interesting song (and a fantastic recording quality!) to mix. I definitely had a good time mixing it (aside from the drone sound, which took me some time to think about what to do with it).

I wanted to keep it natural, so there is not much compression and eq. Instead, I used big reverbs and played with the perceived depth to give it a more mystical and atmospherical vibe.

I hope you like it Smile

.mp3    arto_master.mp3 --  (Download: 4.62 MB)

Beautiful mix

Relaxing and I believe your decision to keep the dynamics natural made this an epic listen Smile
Loved every bit.. and the space of it.
Good mix, Antihydrant. I couldn't figure out what to do with the drone tracks either. They were almost begging for some effects, but I just left them alone for the most part.
Again, great job.
nice natural sounding mix. good decision in my opinion.