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My Mix of Catching Up
Mixed on Pro Tools 10.3.8 LE (Non-HD) on Mac OS X 10.7, Plugins Avid Channel Strip AAX in all audio channels to equalize, sends to D-Verb some channels more (0 db other -3, -8 db) in almost all channels, just it. On Master I used Waves SSL(E)Channel to reforce basses (bass boost effect, to give power and some other frequencies mediuns and highs abd low in bell mode) and dyn/3 compressor on master also and on the voice. At more some clip gain ajusts in the vocal track (because it name Mix B), some guitars to medium delay (200 mls aproxx L 300 mls R) and that is it!

Thank you so much.

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.mp3    Catching Up - Mix B - LG.mp3 --  (Download: 8.65 MB)

Hi Lucas,

Listening to the first verse right now: the lead vocals sound too far compared to the instruments. You should use less reverb or maybe use a longer pre delay.
Overall your mix sound a bit dull and lacks some clarity.

Drums sound very distant too on the second part of the song. Too much reverb as well in general.

So to me you must work on the 3D placement of the tracks.
Keep it up !