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My Mix of U T Gandhi: 'Arto'
Mix of U T Gandhi: 'Arto'

.mp3    16-161202_1404.mp3 --  (Download: 7.94 MB)

Hey there!

The volume mix of the percussion instruments sound good to me. You could have made those big drums on the right side a bit more gentle and eq'd a bit, since it "honks" a little.
Your mix also sounds very dry. It's just my taste to put more reverb on the tracks (as I did in my version Big Grin) but you could argue that it sounds more natural without it.
The biggest problem for me is the synth drone, which is very annoying. Maybe you could use some effects and play with some automation. Don't worry, I had big problems with that sound myself and after lots of trial and error I ended up using a simple flanger, nothing special Cool

Have a great week!
Good mix, just slightly bass-y. Glad I'm not the only one who thought the drone tracks were a tad bit annoying.