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Tom Mc Kenzie - Directions (Frittus Final Mix)
Just my Final Mix to Tom Mc Kenzie - Directions.
Useful criticism are very welcome. ;-)

Hope you like it.

.mp3    Tom Mc Kenzie - Directions.mp3 --  (Download: 6.64 MB)

Great sounding mix. Great balance all round. I would like to hear the kick cut through the mix more, as it seems to be buried behind the rest of the instruments.
Thanks Sano! Yes the Kick is my big Problem in the Mix but I dont know to mix it properly. Maybe you (or someone else) have some ideas how to fix it?
You could try bringing out more attack on the kick with eq. Try sweeping the 3k to 5k area to find some smack to the kick drum. I say this but on my own mix of the song I ended up using a sample to replace the kick as the original wasn't working for me.
fabulous mix!!!

mixing bass and kick are one of the biggest problems you have when you're new to mixing. I'm new to all this and I found a good tutorial that made me get them sound better... at least now both bass and kick can be heard in my mixes. They use a good freeware spectrum analyzer called span. Here's the tutorial (a long video but worth watching):
Thanks Sano and Juanjose1967! Yes the original Kick is very hard to handle. I've tried many different EQ's and settings but I can't get in touch with the signal.

Thanks JuanJose1967 for the tip! Very interesting.
Hi Frittus

Interesting little fast chorus you have on the vocals here.

As far as the kick goes, it sounds like you have added a lot of bottom end thump below 80Hz to the original audio file? I'm hearing a lot of very, very low boom but no body. Take the sub boost off and put in a little peak around the 100Hz area, wherever there seems to be a nice bit of thump being added. Scoop a bit of this same area out of the bass (complementary EQ). Finding the clicky attack of the kick drum as Sano suggests adds to our perception of the kick's presence in the mix - kind of alerts our ears to it when listening at low levels or with small speakers.
If you still have trouble making the kick be heard against the bass guitar, try ducking the bass when the kick appears by adding a compressor on the bass sidechained to the kick drum channel - very fast attack, fast release, 2-3dB reduction, NO MAKEUP GAIN.

Hope this has helped a little!

So many songs, so little time!
Thanks Dags! The ducking is a very nice idea.
I agree with the others that this is a very good mix and will be over the top when you correct the kick/bass issue.
To mix or not to mix ... mix!