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First attempt at a remix uplaod
Thanks Mike, I appreciate your encouragement and insight.
Rats, a day late. Hopefully Mike will still consider this a valid entry.

I started from scratch with a new phase correction tool, and I got to do the final mixing on speakers rather than headphones. Compared to V1-V3 I think you will agree it is an amazing difference.

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions

.mp3    Color Me Red Final.mp3 --  (Download: 7.55 MB)

Listening to your final mix and agree it is a night and day compared to the first versions.
I like your mix sound nice and punchy .
The bass guitar sounds soft or maybe being masked by the guitars and the kick somewhere around the 90-200hz area could be just how it translates on my monitors.
I like your cool idea of having the vocals go wide in the chorus, not that anybody listens on a mono anymore ,But noticed when listening on mono the chorus vocals drop lower than the verse and the kick sounds more focused and can hear the bass a touch more.
Not a big deal Just some thoughts while having a listen.

Well Done Big Grin

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