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Ian Dearden's Thursday Reverie
Never mixed this kind of genre before so it was a bit of experimenting on my side and I used it as well to try out a new EQ plugin that I obtained recently...

I fell in love with the FX you used, they sound so nice and smooth...!
I really enjoyed working on it, hope you like the result Big Grin

.mp3    Ian Dearden_Thursday Reverie.mp3 --  (Download: 9.39 MB)

That is beautiful - you have found the meditative and lyrical heart of the piece!!

There is a "singing" quality to the melody lines, especially when the counterpoint part comes in, that i really love, and you've done a lovely job on it.

What EQ did you use? I like the way you've controlled the bass so well.

I've told Mike S that I'll send him some more multitracks in this ambient electronic genre when I get a little time to get them into order!! They will be much more complex, with much higher track counts though - more of a challenge!!

Thanks again - this is the first multi-track i've put up and i've found the experience extraordinarily privileging - to hear things in my work that i would never have thought of!!


Ian D
Wow, thanks for your kind words! Big Grin

Basically I used three EQ's: Ableton's EQ Eight as corrective / substractive EQ (it sounds clean and gives a precise control). TDR VOS SlickEQ to add in some brightness on the main synth (it's free, you should definitely check it out!) and finally Soundtoys Sie-Q as a coloring and saturation EQ (and this was the new EQ I was talking about, I got it for free during the first week after it's release).

But the bass was actually rather simple. I only used the EQ Eight to do some low-cleaning and cutting and a subtle bit of compression (using Ableton's built-in compressor), no fancy gear or plugins Smile

I can send some screenshots in a PM if you're interested in the EQ curves and other processing that I did Smile

I'm looking forward to your newer tracks, expect a submission from me! Wink