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Diesel13: 'Colour Me Red'
(20-11-2016, 01:27 PM)wesleyamltd Wrote: I like what you did with the intro and the clarity of your mix really stands out. Bravo!

I think its great that many people took an artistic license to really make their mixes unique. Good job.

Cheers, Thanks for the kind words. It's always wonderful to get positive feedback.
I must agree, there have been some great mix variations to this song posted which are interesting and fun to explore. Great ear candyBig Grin

I have uploaded my final mix of this great tune and for the first time I have experimented in depth with loudness (Thanks Mike). I ended up trying all sorts of processes, compressing, clipping and limiting etc and combinations of all, but found it quite difficult. There always seemed to be a compromise of sorts with the processing. Timbre, mix balance and dynamics were the main areas I was having issues with in this regard. Although I have managed get the mix louder, I still feel I may have wimped out a bit also. I have taken this mix as hard as I an prepared to push it based on what I am hearing. I didn't use any metering only referencing of commercial content. A great learning and listening exercise that I will find beneficial for future mixes regardless.


I haven’t heard all the mixes done by others, but I still think you should win this comptition. You’ve reached a nice pro level quite quickly with nice touch of creativity.
I think you were announced as the winner in this, congratulations Dave!!!
M1 Pro MBP: is my Hattori Hanzo.
Congrats Dave.
Congratulations Dave!!! I am happy to hear you got the first price for the competition. Excellent work. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!
Congrats man Smile
Thank you guys!!!

Happy new year Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Great mix Dave, well done mate
Congratulations Dave Big Grin
Happy new year

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