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Ian Dearden: 'Thursday Reverie'
Ian Dearden: 'Thursday Reverie'

.mp3    Thursday Reverie.mp3 --  (Download: 9.19 MB)


Thanks for that mix.

Again, this is so fascinating - to hear other perspectives on my work that i hadn't thought of!!

Your version has much more light and shade, with a significant dynamic difference between the A part and the B part!!

What did you do (plugins etc) with the B part (1:38-2:08; 3:20-3:57) - I'm intrigued by what you've achieved there.

Thanks again for taking the time to mix this track - I feel very privileged!!

Warm regards

Ian D
Hello Ian:
I am very glad that you liked my mix of your song. I really enjoyed the opportunity to mix this specific song. I am a huge fan of this type of ambient music. I have listened to artist such as Eno, Moby, Massive Attack, even Radiohead, and certaintly I pull those Influences to mix your awesome track. Moving to the technical aspects of the mix, the first thing I think it makes it different from other submissions its I really understand gain structure because I was trained analog. The FX tracks and the string synths I had to bump them up in gain +16 db in order to maximize the SNRatio. The initial Pad and Bass I had to attenuate them -6db each one to get them into the ball park. After that was my balance to taste, substractive Eq to avoid clashing and the magic sauce on the stereo bus to lift those great sweeps and FXs you created. Here its the recipe of the magic sauce (see pict). On the other side I want to propose you to work together in future releases. I would love to mix more of your work. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks Javier.

When I get some spare time (in short supply just at the moment) I will trawl through my hard drive for some suitable material!!


Ian D
Super, I'll be looking forward to it.