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Color Me Red Mix by John Fueston
Listened to v.1.1, and like the loose, rattling snare sound, as well as the well-blended drums, which help make that slightly gated-sounding snare recording fit into the kit really nicely. There's something very rootsy about this roomier presentation, which suits the overall vibe of the music, and it also helps keep the drums from being unduly far forward in the front-back perspective. Some of the acoustic guitar and banjo strums in the verses do seem to come a bit far out front for me, though, and I also wonder whether the lead vocal could afford to be a touch further forward.

Interesting vocal sound you've chosen here, with quite a chorusey, comb/filtered sound -- partly a side-effect of that split-channel micro-delay effect you used, I imagine. In abstract terms it doesn't make the vocal sound very hi-fi, but as an aesthetic choice it works quite well, again by giving a sense of something captured live in some kind of appropriately backroom acoustic. I also like the backing vocals' processing, which gives them a nice growl and places them far enough forward to make a statement without undermining the size illusion of the rest of the band unduly -- although I'd still do some extra work to de-emphasise the 'ch' and 'f' consonants in particular, which do leap out a bit too much for me.

Overall the tonality seems light on the bass, as with quite a few of the mixes, presumably on account of the bass guitar's fairly weak fundamentals, although on the plus side it doesn't feel like you've overcompensated by over-egging the kick drum's low end, which is clearly a temptation here. As before, I'd recommend trying to enhance the bass's low end a bit to fill out the lower octaves of the spectrum.

I like a lot of what you've done with the guitars tonally, especially the way the banjo fits into the Outro 2 section. The clean guitars in the Mid-sections, however, sound a little too pristine somehow for this mix overall, so don't seem to sit comfortably with your vision. I'm OK with the idea of them being a new idea and/or in a new space, but at the moment they just feel a bit 'stuck on'. Perhaps they just need a little bit less dynamics and a touch of 'fur' from some kind of analogue harmonics processor. It may also be that the low mids feel a little too large for their role in the arrangement, and just slimming those might help sit those parts better.

Still, this is a great vision which fits round the vocal and lyric really appropriately. Thanks for posting!