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Mandubien's mix
Sounds good.
I like the intro. It fits song and doesn't sound like a gimmick.
Other than that I'm being extremely nit-picky:
The toms might be a little loud but I like loud toms so they might be ok.
There's one or two loud Esses in the BGVs at least in the outro.
It might be just a little too 'fat'. Maybe. Like by a dB or so in the upper lows. But it's better to have a little meat on it's bones than being too thin.

Sounds great. Excellent job.
Thank you guys !

I think it's time to stop mixing this song for me. I feel I've reached the time when if I keep touching things, it will be worse. So this will be my final version.

Nothing can be perfect in our world :p
Ha. I understand. It sounds excellent as it stands.
That is a great sounding mix - very punchy and full! I agree that the intro is too much of an 'effect' for the genre, although the original makes a nod to this kind of lofi intro. I agree that some reverb would bring the thing together more and add some 'dimension' - although I would think 'room' rather than 'reverb' and carefully choose the elements that benefit so it doesn't become a swamp and retains some front-to-back perspective. Loving the mix though....
Thanks Joe !

Actually I always use an ambiance reverb to glue things. It's pretty subtle of course. I put a room reverb on the drums, spring reverb on the guitars, and a short plate + tape delay on the vocals.
I also used medium and far reverbs to make some instruments and BVs sound behind the rest.

Anyway, there are so many options when mixing... Some emphasize the lead guitar, some would prefer drums... As Mike said in another thread, after listening to 20 mixes, it's damn hard to stay objective :p