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Marsh Marigold -- Rob Brand mix
(I'm reposting this for Rob from another post, so his mix has its own thread, as per usual.)

My version is 'restless', because of the panning i did. And too much reverb.

I've got a problem at 40 sec. The lead voice detoriates. When I solo the track, there's no problem, but in combination with other tracks I get this problem. Does someone know what's is happening there and how to solve this problem?


.mp3    Don Camillo Choir\'s \'Marsh Marigold\'s Song\' met reverb.mp3 --  (Download: 2.75 MB)

Hi Mike,

It appears to me as digital noise, sampling filter not proper working, with the most heavy mirror freq. in the area 1300/1400Hz
Couldn't get rid of it using RX5, so it doesn't look like regular clipping.

Pro Tools 12.7
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