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Colour Me Red by Diesel13 (jp65535)
(19-11-2016, 01:15 AM)majew7 Wrote: Hello JP,

Mix v1.1
The entire mix feels a little bit mid rangy (maybe ‘boomy’) to me. Makes for discomfort. Maybe clean up the bass guitar? I want to hear it open up a little.

* Lead Vocal - The vocal distortion seems a bit strong for my taste. I suggest that you keep it and reduce it. Smile
* Rhodes - I wasn’t able to hear it in the mid sections.
* Lead Guitar (Elec Guitar 1) - I have trouble hearing it.
* Background Vocals - They sound really nice, but just a little low in the mix. Or make some room for them.

Overall good mix. Smile


Hi Michael. Thanks for the thoughts and critiques. See my response to Mix above on my thoughts about the vocal distortion. From where I sit it's just got to be there. I'll try dialing it back and see if it carries the same feel.
Yep, the Rhodes is 'barely there'. Basically, I set the volume to the point it's out of the way, but if you mute it you notice something went away. Not a fan of the Rhodes in most any form.
Now that Lead Guitar comment has me worried. I need to go back and see if I lost track of it.
The background vocals... "make some room for them"... Hmmm, that sounds right.
Thanks again.

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