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Colour Me Red by Diesel13 (jp65535)
(18-11-2016, 09:30 PM)Mixinthecloud Wrote: The new mix is ELECTRIC!
Pretty cool. I like the level and placement of the vocals, but not a fan of the distortion yet. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am hearing you effecting the vocals more to show you can, and not as musically as you could. Did I say that right? I might also take a look at the low content of the bass guitar. I feel it masking good content beneath it. Just my opinions on an otherwise electric mix.

Hey Mix. Thanks for the additional pointers.
All I can say is, if you ain't a fan of the vocal distortion than you didn't grow up obsessed with the song "Born On The Bayou" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I think in the back of my mind that's the album from which I drew my inspiration for this song.
I really do think this song just begs for some grittiness in the lead vocal. I may not have applied it correctly, but that's what I imagined when I first listened to the tracks.
Believe me, if I was adding stuff just because I can, everything would be buried in flanging and leslie speaker sims. :-)
And, yeah, that bass just ain't right. I keep adjusting, and it keeps fighting back. Sigh...

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