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Colour Me Red by Diesel13 (jp65535)
(03-11-2016, 02:10 PM)Mixinthecloud Wrote: Interesting and creative, albeit a bit unrealized. Good sounds over-all, but not quite convinced of the need for distortion on and off the lead vox. The lack of mastering on this also hurts a bit (levels only). Good stereo spread too.

Hi Mixed. Thank you for taking a listen and offering feedback. Your comments, along with the others were very helpful. "Unrealized" was a good way to put it. I reworked the vocal distortion to smooth it out without giving up on it. Also added a clipper/limiter to the mix-bus to bring up the levels a bit. I think it gives it more drive. Then again, it may just be a pigment of my imagination.
I've uploaded mix v1.1 which I believe addresses the comments made by you and the others. Thanks again. ~jp65535

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